استراتيجية الخيارات الثنائية 120 ثانية One of the newer Clients in Ostara’s portfolio, Arqiva is a British telecommunications company, providing infrastructure and broadcasting transmission facilities in the UK and Ireland. With over 14,000 managed sites in the system, and a varying volume of structures at each site, the system capabilities have been put through their paces.

انقر arqiva logoThe implementation of Arqiva was expedited with the bulk import capabilities of the Ostara system, allowing spread sheet templates to be populated, validated and then imported into the database avoiding the manual entry of data. سعر البيع والشراء للذهب في السعودية arqiva-dishWorking with the managing agent, the system has been configured with the expected large volume of prescribed PPM visits and a lesser volume of Reactive Work Orders.

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