Lloyds Pharmacy

طريقة سريعة وسهلة لكسب المال Lloyds Pharmacy, owned by the German company Celesio, began using the Ostara system in April 2015 with Maintenance Management Limited (MML) as their managing agent.  

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اسهم امريكية With approximately 1,600 Lloyds Pharmacies and 20 AAH Distribution Centres, the volume of planned and reactive works is high. The current set up of the Lloyds service is a helpdesk environment using the Ostara application, and the Supply Chain have access to Ostara via the Web Portal. Contractors start and stop Work Orders using Ostara ATAS (Automated Time and Attendance System) and the MML Purchase Ledger team process invoices on behalf of the Contractors using the validation checks present in the system.

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كيف اشتري أسهم وما هي أفضل الاسهم lloydspharmacylogoIn 2016 MML plan to introduce the electronic invoice submission process, which will allow the Supply Chain to upload their invoices electronically, validate that the figures they are submitting are correct, and Ostara will then automatically transfer any fully approved invoices straight through to the finance system for payment. This will result in only those ‘unapproved’ invoices requiring a manual review, allowing the time spent previously on manual invoice entry to be spent on other activities.

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