Helpdesk and Job Management

These modules enable the logging and management of all Reactive, Planned Preventative and Quoted works. The Ostara system has been designed to intuitively guide the operator to select such things as the right work order type, location, asset, building, contacts, reason code and contractor – quickly, easily and accurately.

The Ostara system facilitates less assumptions and therefore errors being made and can save you up to 6% on reactive maintenance budget alone plus significantly improve the customer experience and therefore reputation of the FM function!helpdesk2

The Helpdesk and Work Order Management module is proactive, not reactive, and is able to track and record all maintenance jobs with a direct link to all data within the core modules:

  • Increased availability of all data to the call agent resulting in a more efficient call taking process.
  • Real time duplicate checking to ensure costs are not incurred inappropriately.
  • Multi-Client functionality.
  • Integrated Questionnaires to provide an enhanced customer experience and allow for diagnostic (first fix) over the phone to avoid contractor call outs.
  • Manual or automatic allocation of resource based on site and activity.
  • Automatic assignment (via email and web portal) to the allocated resource.
  • Integrated Asset information allows for appropriate Warranty resource allocation.
  • Pre-determined SLAs and advised for use in the interactive scheduler, providing information on rates and availability.
  • Scheduler permits relative cost comparison based on time of attendance.
  • Bespoke rule sets for Authorisations enabling tiered authorisation flows.
  • Present information on non-managed activities to the helpdesk to improve customer service.
  • No technical knowledge or data structure knowledge required thanks to a built-in search engine making use of custom keywords.
  • Call Agent activity can be managed through the use of customisable work lists which assists with prioritisation and workflow.
  • Every action, be it manual or automated is accompanied by an event. These detailed events provide a full audit trail.