Implementing a New Maintenance Management System

How can you implement a new maintenance management system?

It could be easier and more affordable than you think!

The Ostara CAFM system has been developed by FM professionals who are only too aware of how complicated and expensive the implementation of a CAFM system can be. With this in mind, one of Ostara’s goals was to design a system with processes that simplified the implementation of maintenance management software.

Are you putting off implementing a CAFM software system for any of the following reasons? If so, Ostara can help:

  1. You don’t have the resource or expertise to implement an enterprise system

    Ostara will provide you with a dedicated project manager who will help collate the data required to get you up and running and populate the system for you. Ostara is a hosted, web based system so the implementation does not require any IT expertise, just an internet connection.

  2. You are not even sure that you have the data needed to get you started

    If you wish, Ostara can help you by tagging your assets to create your estate asset register. In addition, the Ostara system comes pre-populated with a set of equipment and service types, fault and reason codes along with associated repair codes that can get you operational in no time.

  3. You don’t have the capital to invest in a new software system

    Ostara does not charge for its license fees up front but instead charges a fixed monthly fee for license and support with the additional benefit of unlimited users.

  4. You are not sure which system will suit your processes. You are partly in-sourced and partly outsourced which is surely too complicated for one system

    The Ostara system has been specifically developed to suit many models of delivery. It is used by FM companies to manage their client’s estates, by organisations who manage their FM in house with external contractors or internal resources or even by companies who do both. Ostara is a flexible system that can be used to suit whatever FM model you use.
  5. You are not sure which system is best for a company your size

    Ostara has been used both by companies with over 4,000 sites and clients who just manage one large site. Your size should not determine how successful your FM delivery is.

  6. You don’t really know if you need a CAFM system

    • Do you currently have full visibility of your estate, including levels of statutory compliance, maintenance spend and the performance of your internal resource or external contractors?
    • Do you only pay for the service you get due to accurate invoice validation and warranty management?
    • Do you have an efficient process which promotes clear communication between management, FM Staff, site based staff and your internal or external contractors?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions then you would benefit from a no obligation demo of our software to show you how we could help.


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