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Offline capability

The Ostara mobile app works on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The application will work offline if no internet is available and will synchronise when able.

Asset Management

Use the app to tag new assets, consult the history of existing assets or update their details. Equally you can review the condition of assets and update them in real-time.


Carry out audits on a multitude of subjects with questions and answer formats of your choosing. All data captured and is available in real-time.

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QR codes

QR codes are employed to ensure technicians scan into the location where work is to be carried out. This helps validate start and stop times on work orders.

Job data capture

Signatures, photos, revisit information, fix codes and parts usage are just some of the many elements of data that can be captured as part of the work order actions within the application.


Management can also use the application to update authorisations that have been routed to them.

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