Ostara Insight Real-Time Reporting

The newly launched, powerful, integrated reporting module is based on the philosophy that we need to simplify what is often complex data and make it useful. The proverb, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ could be equated in a modern day business environment to ‘a dashboard is worth a thousand (or even a million) pounds, dollars or Euros. A dashboard can be a pictorial representation, in real-time, of valuable data that is essential to enabling quality decision making that is often unavailable to many modern businesses.

Stop and think about the amount of data created through the maintenance process that you should have access to but often wouldn’t know where to begin collating, interrogating and analysing it, never mind acting upon it. With Ostara Insight this becomes a reality. The rich data from within Ostara is presented to you in a range of dashboards for the ‘at-a-glance’ checks you want to make throughout the day which in turn allow you to drill down to a more granular level when you need, or want, to carry out more detailed analysis.

If you have ever been asked to prove your company’s compliance levels you will know it is often not that straight forward. However, with Ostara Insight you will easily be able to prove compliance across the estate and identify and act to implement remedial actions. Any problem areas stand out immediately with the relevant data available to get to the source of the problem.

Ostara Insight Performance Reporting


If you sometimes struggle to have a factual discussion with your Contractors about their performance, devoid of anecdotal stories but instead supported by solid data, Ostara Insight will allow both you and your Contractors to have visibility via the Internet to data that tracks the key measures that determine performance without the emotion.

The Ostara CAFM solution is an effective and efficient way to manage and make use of any data related to maintenance.

Ostara Insight is built on LogiAnalytics which is an award winning BI platform. This has been seamlessly integrated not only into the Ostara application, but also our Client and Resource Portals.

We know that Ostara can provide the Insight you need into your company’s day-to-day activity, so please contact us for a no-obligation demonstration today.

Ostara Systems Ltd is a UK based company that has been committed to providing user friendly, effective and affordable Computer-Aided Facilities Management software solutions since 2007. The solutions are based on sound FM principles and have been designed developed and tested by FM and software experts to deliver tangible and significant benefits to anyone in the FM industry. Some of the benefits Clients can gain are cost control and savings, quality data for intelligent informed decision-making, powerful reporting tools plus contractor and contract management at the same time as being able to meet legislative requirements and improve sustainability credentials. Users include some of the largest retailers in the UK and France. Ostara Systems Ltd is a dynamic organisation that is 100% privately owned and one that prides itself on the expertise and service we bring to Clients.