Beefeater Grill

Whitbread’s restaurant group includes the brands: Beefeater Grill, Table Table and Brewers Fayre.

Restaurants require a high level of reactivity due to the nature of the environment which includes catering equipment. Because the repairs and maintenance of restaurant assets has implications on the ability to trade, there was a real need for a more dynamic system with guaranteed routing to the correct resource in real time.



Whitbread identified some of the main reasons for moving to Ostara was due to the following benefits:

  • A Faster, more fluid, simplified and targeted approach to raising a job
  • A home dashboard outlining a headline summary of pending and completed works, accurate spend PTD and YTD
  • Real time updates are provided from the contractor through Ostara
  • Easy access to building compliance records
  • Greater understanding of asset’s in the business (e.g. boilers) and the ability to track and understand life and failure frequency
  • Approvers have access to a mobile app with real time notifications for approval requests
  • Many of their contractors were already using the Ostara System with other retailers which made for an easier implementation.