Health & Safety Policy Introduction

جوابي Ostara Systems Limited is fully committed to the protection of the health & safety of its employees and all of those who could be affected by its business undertakings.

الاسهم المتداوله 2014 Ostara Systems Limited recognises that successful health & safety is as important to the overall performance of the business as any other function or objective, not only through the reduction of ill-health & injuries to its staff, but also the financial benefits gained through intelligent risk management and environmental protection.

تلميحات مفيدة Development of a positive health & safety culture within Ostara Systems Limited maintains high productivity in a safe working environment in which accidents and ill health are reduced to a minimum, thereby contributing to good staff moral and overall business performance.

اقرا هذا  

الاسترالية ينظم السماسرة الخيار الثنائي يمكنك التحقق هنا Health & Safety Statement Employer Responsibilities

  • To regard health and safety as a core management function.
  • To develop a system of responsibility for and communications of health and safety matters.
  • To maintain a safe and healthy working environment and safe methods of operation.
  • To ensure the provision and maintenance of premises, plant and equipment to a safe level.
  • To provide necessary information, instruction, training and supervision, to ensure the health and safety of employees at work.
  • To promote an attitude of safe working by employees in all aspects of work duties underpinned by appropriate disciplinary procedures.
  • To encourage discussion between management and employees on safety, health and welfare matters.
  • To ensure immediate and accurate reporting and investigation of accidents and incidents.
  • To review this Health and Safety Policy not less than once every two years.
  • To make specific arrangements where possible on sites controlled by Ostara Systems Limited to ensure that contractors are carrying out their responsibilities for health, safety and welfare.

زيارة الموقع  

رابط الموقع تفسير Health & Safety Statement Employees Responsibilities

مؤشرات الاسهم ام القرى Ostara Systems Limited has a duty to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure compliance we ask all staff to refer to the following practises:

اسعار الذهب في الكويت General

  • Do not block passageways or fire exits.
  • Report and clear spillages quickly and safely.
  • Report any newly identified hazards to your line manager.
  • Use safe working procedures at all times.
  • Report unsafe or unhealthy working conditions to your line manager.
  • Use protective equipment on all necessary occasions.
  • Report accidents and potentially dangerous incidents to your line manager. promptly

سوق الأسهم الامارات Manual Handling

مزيد من المعلومات هنا مزيد من المعلومات هنا Working with VDU’s

  • Adjust your chair and VDU to find the most comfortable position for you to work as a guide your forearms should be approximately horizontal and your eyes should be level with the top of the VDU.
  • Do not sit in the same position for long periods. Make sure you change your posture as often as practicable.
  • Take frequent rest breaks from looking at the screen.
  • Ensure that there is space under your desk to move you legs freely, move any obstacles such as boxes or equipment.


Signed by Mr Neil J Harrison – CEO