About Ostara CAFM Software

Ostara CAFM Software

Ostara Systems Ltd is a UK based company that has been committed to providing user friendly, effective and affordable Computer-Aided Facilities Management software solutions since 2007. The Ostara CAFM solution is based on sound FM principles and have been designed developed and tested by FM and software experts – who have been involved in maintaining the estates for the likes of Tesco, John Lewis, Waitrose and Boots – to deliver significant tangible benefits to anyone in the FM industry.

Some of the advantages clients can gain are cost control and savings, quality data for intelligent informed decision-making, powerful reporting tools plus contractor and contract management at the same time as being able to meet legislative requirements and improve sustainability credentials.

The Ostara CAFM solution is not just about a database; it is a logic enhanced system which incorporates the high performance customer service and maintenance experience which we have acquired over the past 10 years. As a result of this experience, we know that one of the cornerstones of a FM service provider is to ensure that information required by the user is anticipated and provided without the need to actively retrieve it, and so it was with this knowledge in mind that we designed Ostara.

Ostara is a flexible maintenance system that will benefit any company, whether you manage a small number of facilities or literally thousands – in fact the number of buildings is limitless!

Users of the Ostara CAFM solution include some of the largest retailers in the UK  and we have first hand experience where the execution of contractual control initiatives has saved clients over a hundred million pounds. Ostara Systems Ltd is a dynamic organisation that is 100% privately owned and one that prides itself on the expertise and service we bring to clients.

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