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Clients and Brands

Ostara work closely with their clients, ensuring they are getting the most out of the Ostara CAFM Software and all the benefits it brings. A selection of our Clients and their associated brands are below.

What our clients have to say...

Ostara CAFM System - Supported Brand - YBS

Yorkshire Building Society Group has chosen the Ostara CAFM system to manage the maintenance of its estate. In addition to being rolled out across the Branch Network the Ostara solution also covers office sites in Leeds, Bradford, Peterborough and Cheltenham.The software is being used in conjunction with YBS's outsourced service providers and external contractors to manage all aspects of branch maintenance.

Tony McKenna - Senior Manager Soft Services - Property

Yorkshire Building Society

Hawthorn Leisure Renews CAFM System

Our work with the Ostara team is aimed to reduce our FM costs whilst improving efficiency across the reactive and planned maintenance fields. Hawthorn is a young company, becoming fully operational in June 2014, since then the team at Ostara have made it their mission to understand our business and help set up the Ostara system to best suit our needs. What I appreciate most about working with the Ostara team is their ability to cut through the technical jargon, understand our needs and approach every challenge with such positivity. Their time and patience is the bedrock of our partnership.

Ed Little - Property Drector

Hawthorn Leisure Limited

Ostara CAFM System - Supported Brand - Premier Inn

Whitbread uses Ostara to support and manage maintenance operations across our estate of over 1,000 buildings. We partnered with Ostara because of their flexible and robust platform, but also their willingness to work with us to add additional functionality and to tailor the system to our business. We enjoy good support from the team who develop and operate the system, as well as a dedicated 24 hour helpdesk that supports our national operations. The data and insight that Ostara gives us allows us to continually refine our processes and find cost saving or quality enhancing opportunities across our business.

Matthew Dolan - Maintenance & Energy Manager


Ostara CAFM System Client Everyman Cinema

Ostara have been influential in developing our maintenance processes for the business. Their support and guidance in resolving issues has been first rate, with instantaneous resolutions over the phone, and quick and detailed responses on email queries by their friendly and professional employees.

Joe Fryde - Senior Construction Project Manager

Everyman Media Group

Safestore - CAFM System Client

Safestore uses Ostara to support our UK and European Facilities operations. We partnered with Ostara following a comprehensive tender in which Ostara proved that they were agile enough work with us on industry specific anomalies, big enough to support us on a multi-national basis and approachable enough to care about what they can help us achieve. The software is being used by our internal and external maintenance providers as well as managing our capital expenditure. The system allows us to expand our Facilities operations as quickly as our company expands.

Mark Lishman - Head of Facilities


Hawthorn Leisure Renews CAFM System

We were very pleased to renew our contract with Ostara Systems. Over the years we have developed a great partnership with the team and their dedication to our requirements is evident in their support of our organisation. The versatility and flexibility of the Ostara CAFM platform has enabled our business to manage the complex contractual relationships with our own customers. The prompt and knowledgeable support from the team at Ostara covering not only product assistance but also data administration activities has introduced efficiencies and improvements that have proven invaluable to our ongoing operation.

Andrew Cannons - Property & Facilities Director

Hawthorn Leisure Limited

Ostara supports many well known brands..

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