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Administrative Services

Ostara understands that in this current time, resource can be stretched for a lot of organisations. Whilst good CAFM systems will introduce huge benefits to an organisation they still need data input and data management to deliver those benefits. Good data in will result in good data out for operational and management reporting. 

As a result, a lot of organisations are put off from investing in a CAFM System as although they can see the potential benefits, the data administration required in the upkeep of a system can be daunting. 

How can Ostara Admin Processing Services help you?

Ostara provide an ‘Enhanced Service Desk’ to their clients. This team of individuals are fully trained in the usage and best practices of the Ostara CAFM System and support their clients with a prompt and accurate service for data administration in the Ostara CAFM System.

This service can cover trivial activities such as user management (new user creation, password resets, etc) right through to more complex tasks such as new site setup activities or PPM contract creation (generating PPM schedules for automated generation of PPM work orders).

Ostara utilise an online ticketing system for data administration requests and manage these requests with Service Levels for delivery dependent on the size and complexity of the task. The 24*7 online ticketing system is made available to the client for full visibility of the progress of each request and the Enhanced Service Desk are available during office hours via telephone should detailed explanation of a requirement be needed.

Clients have found the administrative processing services invaluable and have agreed that their development of internal processes and control of FM would not be as well formed today without the support of the Enhanced Service Desk.

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