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Contractor Management

Having utilised the integrated Pre-Qualification functionality, the quality and integrity of the contractor base will have been established. A clear, impartial view of a contractor’s performance can be ascertained from three key factors, in addition to the accuracy of the work carried out, logged and monitored by the system.

Factors of Contractor Management:


    Did the contractor meet the SLA (service level agreement), basically did they arrive when they said they would?


    Was the fault fixed on the first day of attendance?


    Was the system used to log on and off the job plus any next steps communicated?

Incentives can be applied and used to drive best practice in the supply chain – at the same time as driving up the quality you can drive down costs. How well contractors perform according to the urgency of jobs can be easily seen and acted upon.

Within the Ostara supply chain management software, Contractor Management uses the three key factors listed above to ensure performance management is straightforward and transparent for all parties. In addition, the verification process allows for feedback from end users after a visit has taken place, to obtain qualitative information on the works carried out.

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