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Dedicated Helpdesks

Ostara believe that although self-service portals and adoption of technology to reduce effort involved in day-to-day tasks is the way most organisations should be heading, there is no substitute to having the support of someone at the end of a telephone. 

In the current age of internet banking, online ordering and mobile applications, we are all becoming less reliant on human interaction and more familiar with technology to support our needs. 

How can an Ostara dedicated Helpdesk help you?

Whilst the Ostara CAFM System provides users with a complete control over their facilities management process, all procedures, however well defined, are still susceptible to human intervention and potential errors, and therefore there will always be exceptions that need to be managed.

The additional tasks that may require human involvement include proactive chasing of contractors for work orders outside of service levels and potentially the need to take incoming calls regarding critical jobs. Often, this then comes as an additional cost of manpower, time and money to the client within an infrastructure that is not enabled for it.

To assist clients with this issue, Ostara can provide 24/7 dedicated helpdesk services with state-of-the-art phone systems and logging capability to provide statistics and reporting. A number of clients have enjoyed this additional support from Ostara, adding to the efficiency of their facilities management processes.

The contemporary Ostara offices have the necessary space to expand to take on additional helpdesks at the requirement of the client. In addition, the Ostara office has a dedicated client area, to promote and enhance collaborative working.

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