System Functionality

Ostara is not only rich in functionality but is also highly customisable


Ostara’s RFI (request for information) module can produce surveys and questionnaires to collect a myriad of different types of information. This can range from positive and negative feedback questionnaires to collating more detailed information for health and safety audits or technical related information.


Many of the variables to do with the cost of maintenance depend on knowing when and for how long a job was attended. There are multiple routes for attendance logging such as Call Centres/Helpdesks. However, these are costly and impact the resource required plus prevent customers being helped as efficiently as could be.

Health & Safety

It is critical that there are processes in place not only to attempt to prevent accidents but also to be able to report on and implement lessons learned. Work orders related to accidents can be associated with a questionnaire accident survey and supplied to the health and safety executive and for use with RIDDOR.

Contract Management

Ostara holds details of all maintenance contracts with the agreed terms and service level agreement by activity or down to asset level. It holds schedules for PPM’s including costs and instructions to fulfil planned maintenance activities.

PPM Software

Planned Preventative Maintenance is an essential part of managing not only the compliance elements of any maintenance activity but also the reliability of the assets in the estate . However, it is difficult to get this right and you could be putting your business at risk if you are not on top of this task.

Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting is essential in today’s FM environment. Managers need the reporting tools to face changing maintenance requirements and financial constraints head on. The Reporting module provides reports to monitor and management performance and spend and to highlight areas for improvement.

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