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Health and Safety

Maintenance will be under the spotlight as soon as an accident occurs. It is critical that there are processes in place not only to attempt to prevent accidents but also to be able to report on and implement lessons learned.

From tracking events to document management and certificate storage, the Ostara CAFM system is a vital part of the H&S strategy.

  • Contractors are empowered to carry out the work and upload the appropriate certificate as such helping to simplify this process. Contractors will only be paid when the correct certificate is uploaded and the need for cumbersome filing systems will be eliminated through the use of our CAFM system
  • It provides transparency and visibility for all stakeholders e.g. if audits are required a building or store manager can instantly provide requested information
  • The compliance level of a building or the entire estate is visible in real-time
  • The work order related to the accident can be associated with a questionnaire/accident survey and supplied to the Health and Safety Executive and for use with RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations)
  • It enables the causes of incidents to be established such as employee or contractor behaviour or equipment failure. This allows the cause to then be addressed
  • The information available can save you money in legal and insurance disputes
  • Acting on the information available can reduce future risk to employees, contractors and the public

The ability to manage the Permit to Work (PTW) and Risk Assessments (RAs) within the maintenance management system by asking a series of questions prior to any work being carried out will ensure that safety and the contractors’ responsibilities are at the front of mind before they start working. It facilitates a far more efficient and guaranteed process with all documents managed securely.

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