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Ostara Mobile Application

Ostara Systems is proud to announce the release of its “new” mobile workforce application 

Most organisations who have internal resource that are working remotely have to make difficult decisions about the value-add of any system that could be used to manage and assist these individuals. One of the first considerations may well be the device to be used.



Operating systems

The Ostara Mobile Application is compatible with Android and iOS giving businesses the most amount of flexibility.

Another important element is the differentiation between “remote access systems” that use web browser technology to gain access to data remotely and “mobile applications”. Although not official terms, these different ways of working have fundamental effects on usability and operations.

For this reason, the Ostara Mobile Application is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 8, giving businesses greater flexibility.


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Data Access & Synchronisation

In essence, a mobile application is something that can be used on the mobile phone or tablet whether there is access to the internet or not. For engineers, who often will work in the centre of, or in the basement of buildings which then render an internet connection impossible, it is important for them to continue to have access to data to carry out their work and record updates on the device in real-time.

An application will synchronise any data recorded while “offline” back to the server/ CAFM system as soon as a connection is available again. The “Ostara Mobile” solution is such an application, which in addition to providing “offline” capability, is also able to use the functionalities of the phone or tablet to capture not only photos but also signatures that may be required for client confirmation of work completion.

The “Ostara Mobile” solution is not only an operational application that provides the ability to update work being undertaken but is also a quality control platform for the completion of personalised audits that can be completed for any number of reasons, from H&S and technical data collection to customer satisfaction and cleaning audits. “Ostara Mobile” makes use of the latest QR code technology for functionality such as signing in to a building to provide confirmation of attendance at a specific site.

“Ostara Mobile” is the field service software tool that sits alongside the Ostara CAFM system. The Ostara CAFM system is a highly reliable hosted software as a service (SaaS) system which leaves you free to concentrate on your core business rather than having to worry about managing servers and systems.

The quality data provided by the system enables powerful, targeted reporting based on real-time activities in addition to trend analysis which facilitates intelligent, informed decision-making. This all leads to maximisation of budgets, minimisation of costs and accurate forecasting.

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