Hawthorn Leisure

Hawthorn Leisure Limited (HLL) has a portfolio of public houses across England, Wales and Scotland. They chose Ostara in early 2014 and after a very brief implementation time of one month, were up and running with a managing agent and Ostara as their CAFM system. The managing agent used Ostara as a helpdesk function and in the early stages, HLL contractors used the portal for viewing and accepting job requests, providing ETAs and supplying certification.

Hawthorn LogoDuring 2015, HLL decided to bring the management of its maintenance in house. They retained Ostara as their CAFM software, ensuring they kept the last eighteen months’ worth of data and have worked with Ostara Systems on a consultancy basis to bring the back office functions in house.

This has therefore resulted in HLL operating a helpdesk using the Ostara system, and the HLL Contractors have moved on to use both the mobile device and ATAS to start and stop Work Orders. In addition, the contractors are now providing all invoices electronically, eliminating the need for a paper-trail for invoicing and resulting in a much more efficient and effective finance process.

In completing this activity, the Ostara offering for monitoring accruals has been greatly enhanced from their previous offerings, giving Clients a complete ability to use the Ostara system for accruing from a maintenance perspective, with periodic accrual snapshots being taken and full reporting available at the click of a button.