Executive Team

The Executive Team

Each member of the Ostara Team plays a key role in helping you deliver great facilities management (FM). The team’s combination of skills and experience – drawn from System Development through to Project Management, Technical Testing to Contact Centre Management – mean we understand the importance of the role of FM in any business. What’s more, we know the demands and stresses you are under to deliver not just costs savings, best value procurement and great customer service but also that you are required to simplify often complex situations and report to a wide range of stakeholders. As a result, we have designed the system to meet these needs and alleviate these pressures. The flexibility within the Ostara team and the knowledge we hold leads to our positive attitude and focus on delivery that we know you require. We combine technical expertise, commercial know-how, not to mention hard work and a good measure of creativity and innovation, to continually enhance the system to reflect what your organisation demands. In this way, we can help you achieve the competitive edge you need in today’s business world. If it is possible we will make it happen.

Neil HarrisonCEO

Neil Harrison


For the past 10 years my passion has been to build a team to develop and utilise a CAFM system that delivers real benefits in a fast, efficient, cost effective and measurable way. Ostara was born out of my own search for a CAFM system and the continual frustration at what was available in the marketplace at the time.

Having been MD, for over 11 years, at the FM company Maintenance Management Ltd I truly believe that the Ostara team understand the drivers, demands and stresses faced by FM, Maintenance and Compliance Managers.

Ostara has been designed to alleviate these pressures by allowing FM and Maintenance Managers to take control of their maintenance and facilities. In addition to providing the tools to manage on a day to day basis, our CAM software will also support mangers in their quest to prove this control to all stakeholders.

I work with a great team of people and my aim is to empower, encourage and coach the team to achieve their potential. This will, in turn achieve great results for our clients and the business. My ambition is to continue to grow the Ostara brand by sharing the concepts, ideas, processes, procedures and efficiency driving products that have already been proven by the biggest and best retailers in the UK and France.

I graduated from University with a dual (French and English) BA First Class Honours in Business Management. Being Bi-Lingual has been an asset when working with French retailers and UK Retail clients who have stores in France.

I started my career working with British Airways Engineering as a purchasing and logistics manager for aircraft inventory, this led to a collaborative piece of work and subsequent consulting with Boeing in the USA.

I am currently looking to play more golf with my 16 year old son who is just learning. As always I’m sure there will be many things I can learn from him……..

Steve SartainTechnical Director

Steve Sartain

Technical Director

For over 20 years I have been successfully using Microsoft © – based technologies to help leading, global industry players in FM, financial services, consultancy, telecom industries and central government accomplish specific business objectives.

Eight years ago I was given the opportunity to join Ostara and tasked to build a team of people that could meet the challenge of developing the best CAFM system possible! With Ostara I believe we have developed a scalable product that will deliver beyond the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

I personally thrive on challenges, feed off success, and have a passion for emerging technologies – I look at moving targets not as obstacles but as opportunities. My aim is to provide a structured environment within which each member of the team can bring their own creative and innovative approach to solving issues and enhancing the system.

By Combining business knowledge, project planning, software development skills and team leadership we are able to achieve dynamic software development without losing the focus on those things important to the clients, such as the agreed deliverables and timelines. My ambition is to continue harnessing the latest technologies not only to bring commercial benefits to all users of the Ostara CAFM software, but also to maintain the development of the team that will help establish Ostara Systems Ltd as the industry leader in our field.

My credentials include various Microsoft certifications, a BSC in computing and IT an MSc in Software Development plus a range of professional courses embracing a vast portfolio of programming languages, databases and design methodologies.

Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Jayne HarrisonFinance Director

Jayne Harrison

Finance Director

Having worked in the FM industry for the past 12 years my role is more than just providing financial guidance for Ostara Systems. My aim is not only to carry out an accountancy role for Ostara but also to bring together my financial expertise with my FM experience for the benefit of Ostara’s clients.

I contribute to company strategy across all areas of the business working with a very professional and dedicated team of individuals.

Financial controls which lead to cost savings are an important part of the Ostara system and I have been able to help ensure that the solution continues to deliver these benefits.

Having previously taken on the role of Quality Manager alongside my financial role and implemented ISO 9001 for organisations, I have been able to provide input to ensure that the Ostara system is ISO 9001 Compliant.

I also work with Ostara’s clients to help ensure that the financial reporting from Ostara fits with their finance departments requirements and processes.

Following my degree in Business Studies with Economics I qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant.  I previously worked as Finance Manager for the British Pepper and Spice Company and Maintenance management Ltd.

I am very proud to be part of the Ostara team with its excellent reputation for quality and customer service.

Outside of my role at Ostara I am also a songwriter.

Darren BayleyOperations Director

Darren Bayley

Operations Director

My role at Ostara covers a variety of areas. As well as being responsible for overseeing the implementation of services for Clients, I work alongside our clients ensuring not only open and timely communication at all stages, but also that the development of the system meets or exceeds their requirements and expectations.
My technical expertise gained both client side and as a service provider, allows me to highlight any future system development requirements that will be a pre-requisite or simply a benefit for our clients.
In such a competitive and demanding industry as FM you need all the help you can get to control costs, comply with legislation plus be able to report on every aspect of the facilities within your remit. Whether the task is to maximise the supply chain, collate and analyse data on which future budgets can be set or to highlight areas of risk to the business, Ostara is the CAFM Software System that will enable you to do this.
I became involved with the Ostara team in 2011 having previously worked in Technical and Project Management roles for various companies including those within the FM sector. Projects ranged from the migration of large scale IT infrastructures for the Crime Prosecution Services, to a number of smaller IT deployment projects such as a remote worker solution and the roll out of Microsoft®-based systems such as SCCM. However, I started out in FM and made the decision to return to it when the opportunity to be part of Ostara came along.
Some of the key skills I utilise in my day to day job – problem solving and the analysis of customer data – were honed during my time at the University of Bath where I gained a BSc (Hons) in Mathematical Sciences.
Once a new Client has mobilised, the ongoing support provided to the Client is incredibly important to me. As such, I manage the Support Team within Ostara, ensuring that the service provided from a Business As Usual perspective is as open, thorough and professional as the support provided during mobilisation.
During my years with Ostara, I have implemented services for a wide ranging number of Clients, from leading High Street retailers such as Boots and Primark, through to sky scraper Embassies in Cairo.
My ambition is to continue to deliver projects on time and to budget and to play a key role in helping Ostara become the leading CAFM Software System in the UK and overseas.