Ostara CAFM Software – for FM’s Great Leaders

Great leaders are great decisions makers. Ostara believes that the quality of decision making often relates entirely to the quality of the information used to make these decisions. To make decisions with confidence data needs to be accurate and complete but also business relevant.

Ostara understands that for many businesses the management of physical assets can have a significant impact on reputation and customer satisfaction. Leaving decisions to chance is therefore not an option.

Business process is an important factor in producing accurate information and the Ostara system is designed to verify your data at stages during the process. Ostara aims to increase confidence in decision making by ensuring that adequate controls are in place during the process.

The Ostara system will allow you to:

  • Introduce automations to suit your business process and resource levels
  • Schedule internal resource and manage contractors to ensure a high quality service
  • Increase staff awareness, competency and cross-functional coordination
  • Reduce training costs and time with an intuitive system to guide users through the process
  • Control and reduce costs through accurate invoice verification and efficient processes
  • Increase communication through mobile applications
  • Produce real time, insightful reports to aid quality assessments and decision making
  • Manage Risk, H&S and compliance across your estate


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