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Ostara’s Cloud Hosted CAFM System Benefits

Why the Ostara CAFM System is different and why this matters

There is much to be said regarding the way we work within Ostara and the benefits that the Ostara CAFM (Computer-Aided Facilities Management) solution can bring but here the focus is on more technical reasons why Ostara should be the hosted CAFM software solution of choice:

What are the benefits of cloud-hosted CAFM System?

1. Speed and functionality

As the Ostara solution is a desktop application (.NET) and not a website, richer functionality can be delivered at a greater speed and taking up less bandwidth. These are all important considerations when operating in today’s technology-driven business environment.

The capability to update and preserve web applications by automatically installing software on potentially thousands of client computers is a key reason for Ostara choosing this route. In addition, they have inbuilt support for cross-platform compatibility.

2. Security and flexibility

The Ostara solution is an application that is hosted in a Tier III UK data centre. It makes use of Cloud computing and the principles of SaaS (Software as a Service) – in essence, access to it is over the Internet. There are clear cost and resource advantages of choosing this route – i.e. there is no need to invest in complicated infrastructure (physical servers etc) or pay for expert (often high cost) people to maintain it.

A key reason why we recommend a hosted CAFM software solution over hosting your own is that our servers are located in a highly secure location, we will provide full backups, maintenance, upgrades and importantly a disaster recovery plan. Your data will still belong to you but maintained, upgraded and protected by us.

Other advantages are that Ostara is at home on the most widely used browsers plus it is structured to grow with you as it is fully scalable and unrestricted to the number of users plus is accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7/365!

Our system has been designed to easily integrate with users and other applications – this means that you can make further time and cost savings by integrating other systems such as those used for accounting and HR functions.

Summary of the fundamental attributes of the CAFM system:

  • The system is built on an industry-standard enterprise communication framework that provides a high-level of security and reliability in client-server communication.
  • The system servers are hosted at an off-site 24-hour supported location with fail-over to servers at Ostara. This ensures the system will remain online in the event of, for example, a power failure at one of the locations.
  • The system is built on top of a replicated SQL Server database. This provides full redundancy and fail-over capabilities ensuring the integrity of client data at all times.
  • Our desktop application is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. This makes the UI familiar and easy to use and increases the acceptability of the application to client network managers.
  • The system web portal is compatible with the latest versions of the most widely-used internet browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari) and caters for browsing on mobile devices with a simpler and more intuitive user interface.

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